Financial Consulting Services

Effective financial administration is a vital engine driving the day to day function of a business. Implementing successful changes or upgrades to your system and practices allows for greater accuracy in decision making and allows for more knowledge and security for your business. This applies both to issues of everyday financial management and efficiency improvement, and also to longer term issues of strategic decision making.

In this context LEVER DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS S.A. performs:

Feasibility Studies

During the investigation and creation phase of a study, factors such as the following are analysed and calculated:

The existing competition and its performance

The particularities and features of the target market

The size and potential of the target market

The cost of further investment

The underlying realities of macroeconomic factors

Estimations of expected sales volume

Analysis of production costs or costs of providing services

The pricing and credit policy to be followed in order to win and keep clients

The financing plan for future investment and determining the required working capital

Compilation of annual financial statements of the business for the past seven years of operation, such as statements of Comprehensive Income, Balance Sheet statements, and Cash Flow reports

Break-even point analysis and definition of the key performance indicators of the investment (NPV, IRR)

In summary, through the professionally documented Feasibility Study which shall be drawn up by LEVER DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS S.A., the investor will have the opportunity to determine the feasibility of the entrepreneurial idea or investment plan, so that they are in the best advised and most informed place possible to make the correct business decision.

Business Plan

The Business Plan is the written outline of the operational model which the business shall follow in the future. Its aim is to analyse the existing situation, both of the market and the business, taking into consideration all the possible parameters which could positively or negatively affect the economic growth and sustainability of the business.

In this context, the Business Plan refers to the goals set for the development and improvement of the business’s performance. The strategy to be followed in order to achieve these goals is described in detail and the results of the actions on the future financial situation of the business are estimated and described.


How is the Business Plan used?

The Business Plan is a vital tool for any business’s future success as:

  • It contributes to a more effective structure and organization of the business
  • It greatly aids decision making based on the business’s goals and policy
  • It is a reference point for monitoring the progress or lack thereof towards the business’s goals
  • It indicates the strengths and weaknesses of the business in its field of activity


The creation of a Business Plan is necessary in situations where:

  • The stakeholders of the business wish to formulate a solid and formally composed and documented development strategy for their business and to monitor the implementation of changes and pursuit of identified targets
  • The business is seeking bank financing, as banks are becoming even more meticulous in their examinations of the repayment capability of a business’s activity in the current climate
  • The business is seeking funding from the EU or other funds
  • The business wishes to secure strategic investors through increasing its share capital


The structure of a Business Plan includes the following core components:

  • Introduction & Executive summary
  • Macro environment and forecasts
  • Micro environment and forecasts
  • Description and analysis of the business’s current circumstances
  • Market and competition analysis
  • SWOT analysis (strengths and weaknesses of the business, potential opportunities and also risks and threats).
  • Goals & development strategy
  • Specialization of the goals and strategy to achieve specific sectoral and activity targets
  • Financial Analysis and financial forecasts (statements of Comprehensive Income, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow reports)
  • Financing and definition of required working capital
  • Financial indicators and return ratios (NPV, IRR)
  • Break-even point analysis

The depth of detail to which a Business Plan is formulated is determined both by the purpose for which it is intended and the business’s needs.

Financial Administration

Proper financial management functions as a business’s shield against the crisis while also being the springboard for its potential further development.

LEVER DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS S.A. undertakes a systematic analysis of the financial data of your business, analysing, detecting and examining the significant deviations, and subsequently proposing solutions for efficiency improvement.


Our services include:

  • Fully ascertaining the current situation and status of the business
  • Determining production costs and business operation costs, and identifying the most important cost factors
  • Investigating the costing and margins of existing products and services, and the costing of new ones
  • Exploring the efficiency of the currently applied pricing and credit policy
  • Determining the efficiency of each sector of the company (Profit/Cost Centre)
  • Investigating opportunities for cutting operational costs and optimizing the overall functioning of the business
  • Evaluating new investments
  • Assessing the financial cost of capital employed and the possibilities and/or benefits of decreasing it
  • Raising or re-financing the capital currently employed through alternative financing sources
  • Planning cash flow and determining the amount of required working capital for the functioning of the business and how it may be possible to decrease it
  • Ensuring the effective organization and management of the staff engaged in the financial administration of the business.
Company Valuations

LEVER DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS S.A. undertake in-depth evaluation studies of a business’s worth in accordance with best practice and accepted valuation methods.


The valuation of a business is necessary in cases of:

  • Transfer of shares
  • Entrance of a new investor into the business through an increase in share capital
  • The sale of the business
  • A business being the target of a buyout or merger


The valuation methods shall be selected – depending on the case – from the following standard models of valuation: Business Net Worth Method, Discounted Cash Flow Method, Discount Dividend Method, Capital Market Method.

Business Restructuring & Consolidation

LEVER DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS S.A. perform intensive assessment and analysis of your business’s current position and subsequently develop a complete restructuring plan, evaluating and defining all available options. In this way your business will have a clear picture of its exact current situation and be informed in great detail of its possible options for exiting its current period of difficulty and start on the best path for regaining profitability and growth.

The methodology to be followed includes the following steps:

  • Phase 1. Determining the current Business Net Worth. During Phase 1 it is necessary that all the available data related to the assets and liabilities of the Business are compiled at their current values and, if deemed necessary, to reform previous financial statements (Balances), after taking into consideration the notes of the chartered accountant. In situations where a Business owns shares in other companies, it shall be necessary to estimate the current net worth of those other companies, in order to properly determine the exact current value of dividends and the asset as a whole. Moreover, should a Business have granted relatively substantial amounts of capital (either in the form of loans or credit) to third parties, then special reference and allowance on the potential risks of not recovering the capital must be made. Determining the current Net Worth of the Business is important as it is through this that its ability to continue future operations shall be determined – something which is a requirement to be demonstrated to Banks. Therefore it is a crucial element during negotiations on the restructuring of the loan repayments and financing facilities required to keep your Business operational.


  • Phase B. Creation of the Business Plan. The next step of proper preparation is presenting the banks with a fully documented yet brief and concrete proposal, demonstrating the ability of the Business to repay the loan, based on precise evidence and specific preconditions. Inside the Business Plan the exact current situation of the Business will be presented, along with the events which lead to it. There will then be an outline of the proposed actions which the business will proceed with to remedy the crisis (asset liquidation, project developments, recovery of claims etc.). Lastly there is a forecast of projected future financial results and cash flow, displaying and detailing the business’s ability to repay the loan in a specified timeframe under the terms and conditions proposed in it.


  • Phase C. Participation in the negotiations with Banks and other Creditors


LEVER DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS S.A. shall participate in your business’s negotiation with the Banks and other creditors. This will support the Business Plan and also add our experience as expert consultants, not only in the field of company restructuring, but also in such negotiations to the pursuit of restoring and consolidating your business effectively.

Buyouts & Mergers

LEVER DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS S.A. provide complete support to their clients, whether they are in the position of prospective buyers or prospective sellers.

We offer a wide range of buyout and merger consultancy services, including support and advisory services during the submission of the offer and on finding the appropriate strategy, as well as during the subsequent negotiations in order to achieve the most beneficial terms for our client.

Having a wealth of experience and understanding of business activity and the various fields of industry, LEVER DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS S.A. can design the perfect approach to make sure you are getting the best deal for your business. Our services include:


  • The evaluation of the company’s worth and the identification, analysis and quantification of the basic components generating value in the business activity of the target company of a buyout or merger.
  • The examination of potential candidate investors and calculating their possible motives, in order to form a proper negotiation and offer strategy on behalf of our client.
  • Providing information regarding the estimated value that the target company is expected to provide to our client, and offering consultancy support for a successful offer submission.
  • Providing consulting services across the entire spectrum of demands involved in a transaction – from determining the structure of the transaction to supporting the represented party in the negotiations and ensuring its successful completion.



LEVER DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS S.A. undertake the investigation and determination of the optimal form of financing for your business, either through bank financing or through special actions such as the “Business Restarting Action” from the Entrepreneurship Fund of the Hellenic Fund for Entrepreneurship and Development.

Furthermore, LEVER DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS S.A., in the context of their collaboration with venture capital funds, seek out businesses looking for a more permanent form of financing through the investment of a fund in its share capital.

Internal Auditing Services

Internal Auditing, Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance services provide an integrated approach for effective corporate governance, covering the respective areas of operational risk management and regulatory compliance issues, internal auditing and sustainable growth.
Utilizing the principles and practices of the IAA (Institute of Internal Auditors), we analyse the business strategy and the procedures of a business. We assist the management in gaining a greater and more detailed understanding of its main operational risks and detecting opportunities for decreasing costs and increasing the business’s profit.


With our approach, which is based on opportunity and risk management, a business can convert internal auditing and risk management from the traditional procedures of isolated inspections and one-off decision making into an integrated system of ensuring a business strategy which will generate added value for your firm.


Our services include:

  • Operational Risk Management Services
  • Governance, Regulation/Monitoring & Regulatory Compliance Services
  • Internal Auditing Services
  • Sustainable Growth Services
  • Management and Control of Contract Compliance Services


Evaluations & Property Development Studies

The development of a property requires meticulous research on a series of criteria so as to establish its most efficient use. The experience and knowledge held by the executives and specialists of LEVER DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS S.A., in collaboration with SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES CONSULTING ENGINEERS, guarantee that this research shall be performed to the highest standards and the solutions or actions proposed by us are fully supported by evidence.


These services are offered to private individuals, businesses and organizations, and concern:

  • Property development studies
  • Decision making studies for optimal site selection for specific business activities
  • Assessment studies of the optimal and most efficient use of a property
  • Property value estimation studies (residential, commercial, industrial etc.)




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