Recognizing that Human Resources is one of the most important assets and competitive advantages that make LEVER S.A. so successful, the policies and initiatives of the company are geared towards constantly attracting, developing and retaining the most skilled employees.

At LEVER S.A. we aim to select executives, who share the same vision of constant development, both personal and in the services they can provide in order to maintain their position as leaders in the Greek business world, being completely dedicated to providing the best service to our clients and partners.

If you are looking to be engaged in a professional modern work environment where you will be able to develop your abilities and skills, please fill out the following form and attach your CV.

You can be also be directly informed of all the new employment positions in LEVER S.A. through our LinkedIn group.





  • 43 26th Oktovriou str., LIMANI CENTER

  • P.C. 546 27


  • 10 Panepistimiou Street, Syntagma

  • P.C. 10671