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Policy of LEVER S.A

The policy of LEVER S.A. is to fulfill its clients’ needs in the most beneficial way possible, providing services which fully satisfy all relevant legislation and our clients’ own internal procedures. To ensure the quality of the provided services …

Business Plans for Grants & Subsidies

LEVER S.A. systematically gathers all the available information on active and expected subsidized programmes and undertakes:

Funding from European Programmes

The European Union is constantly funding a wide spectrum of projects and programmes across multiple sectors, such as regional and urban development, employment and social integration, agriculture and rural development, maritime and fisheries policy, research and innovation, etc. LEVER Development…

Strategic & Business Planning

LEVER S.A. supports the growth and enhancement of your business in a constantly changing and challenging environment, ensuring competitive advantages are identified and capitalized upon. Specifically this includes:

Public Sector Consulting Services

LEVER S.A. provides professional consultancy support in the creation of a framework which has the ability to diagnose and prioritize location-specific needs, to detail the maturation process of projects and investments, and finally to connect these projects/investments to the existing…

Financial Consulting Services

Effective financial administration is a vital engine driving the day to day function of a business. Implementing successful changes or upgrades to your system and practices allows for greater accuracy in decision making and allows for more knowledge and security…

Human Resources Development

LEVER S.A. uses all of its knowledge and expertise in the field of human resources to assist our clients in achieving their aims by upskilling and improving the capabilities of their workforce.




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