Funding from European Programmes

The European Union is constantly funding a wide spectrum of projects and programmes across multiple sectors, such as regional and urban development, employment and social integration, agriculture and rural development, maritime and fisheries policy, research and innovation, etc.

LEVER Development Consultants S.A. provides a host of tailored services relating to recognizing EU funding opportunities and performing studies on their best use for our clients. Through this we assist in funding the technological, investment and research activities of organizations in the Public and Private Sector. Funding is provided within the framework of European Programmes, Actions and Initiatives, and we also perform the monitoring and management of investment projects for these bodies. The totality of the consulting services offered to public institutions and private enterprises envelops the entire spectrum of the development process – from the initial phase and planning to the monitoring and evaluation of the result, focusing on the unique operational skills required by each organization, in order to fulfill its mission and vision.

Specifically LEVER Development Consultants S.A. undertakes:

Research & Innovation
  • Advising & Coaching
  • Proposal Development
  • Project Management

Active Programmes Sections

Research & Innovation

Territorial Cooperation


Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Education, Mobility and Sport

Culture and Arts





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