Human Resources Development

LEVER S.A. uses all of its knowledge and expertise in the field of human resources to assist our clients in achieving their aims by upskilling and improving the capabilities of their workforce.


LEVER S.A. in collaboration with Profiles International makes use of psychometrics and applied occupational psychology to evaluate the human resources of a firm. Profiles International utilize modern scientific theories and are constantly at the cutting edge of contemporary workforce theory in order to adapt and attend to the ever-changing demands of the modern business world.


LEVER S.A. employ executives & external partners with professional experience from a wide range of multinational and Greek companies. Through intensive studying of market needs and assessing the resources and potentialities of each business or organization they create special training platforms for the development of human resources using the best tools available. It is focused on businesspeople and executives who seek quantifiable and quality results, while at the same time our consultants utilize their years of experience in the field of education and training to formulate and implement staff development & training strategies.

The cost of training programmes can be integrated into programmes funded by the Workforce Employment Organization (OAED) (0.45%), while businesses which have not implemented the programmes or exhausted the employer’s contribution (0.45%) in 2014 can transfer this allowance and use the respective amount in 2015.


LEVER S.A. provide coaching services to executives/entrepreneurs, opening up their access to valuable management tools to successfully deal with current or future roles and situations. This consulting service further equips executives/entrepreneurs to more effectively run their business and its various areas (company establishment, appointing and evaluating staff, marketing, sales to existing and new clientele, returns, payments, financial planning, optimization of the production process, quality control, public relations).




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