Strategic & Business Planning

LEVER S.A. supports the growth and enhancement of your business in a constantly changing and challenging environment, ensuring competitive advantages are identified and capitalized upon. Specifically this includes:

4.3.1. Sales Development Consulting

With great experience and knowledge of the marketplace, LEVER S.A. develops sales manuals for your company, to support you in the establishment and monitoring of a successful sales network, with the aim of increasing the market share and profitability of your business.

Marketing Plan & Marketing Actions

LEVER S.A. researches and creates an effective Marketing Plan, based on full analysis of the internal and external environment of your business. Through this we aim to bolster and increase the competitiveness and awareness of the services of the company, simultaneously ensuring greater sales and profitability. The initial blueprints of the marketing plan will be simple and understandable, outlining key focus points and highlighting competitive advantages and areas for increasing profitability.


Furthermore we will support your business during the plan’s implementation, as adaptations to meet new conditions arising from the market are required, and assessments will take place at regular intervals to ensure your business is aware of its progress and new opportunities for advancement.

Applied Marketing

With our applied marketing services, LEVER S.A. delivers a range of promotional tools and knowledge tailored to suit the specific needs and market conditions of each business. The aim of this service is to greatly increase market share, improve profitability and build a competitive, sustainable and successful business model.

Market and Mystery Shopper Research

Market Research is the systematic collection and evaluation of information from relevant and specific population groups in order for businesses to improve their decision making, both strategic and tactical. Market research minimizes potential risk and guides adaptation for existing and new products and services, while also broadening horizons for new opportunities and the future direction of your company.

Mystery Shopping is a necessary and modern tool of research for any business sector, recording with great accuracy the customer-business relationship and giving you a complete idea of how customers view your business with regards to the quality of services and products provided.

Organizational and Operational Re-planning

LEVER S.A. actively participates in the organization or re-organization of your business with the immediate aim of removing the internal obstacles within the company. We thoroughly analyse the company structure and mode of operation and subsequently propose and undertake the implementation of specific interventions designed to decrease costs and improve profitability. We then study and implement external development strategies concerning the company’s activities, with the goal of increasing sales and generating leads and opportunities, the success of which will be proved on your balance sheet.

Development Strategy Readjustment

Development Strategy Readjustment




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